• July 15, 2021 10:06 am


We spend our lives in motion, carrying our bodies from one thing to the next, from one stage to yet another. As life evolves and changes, many of us may be unaware of how our physical movements align with our emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Even after my years of performance and training as a dancer, it took an immensely hard period in my life for me to truly reconnect with this principle. It was during those difficult moments that I realized how valuable and therapeutic activating my body was to the healing process. I began to move my body with the intention of being free. That single notion gave birth to the Dynamic Flow Method, originating from a very organic and harmonious place. I started Karen Clark Body and Mind with Dynamic Flow out of a personal necessity to heal myself, and along that journey others have been able to find renewal as well. It is my mission to provide a space where movement and motion can be used as a tool of restoration….



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