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Pilates Core Center and Dragonfly Yoga present a tranquil yet vibrant environment for the art of Pilates, yoga, continuing education, health and nutrition synergized within a holistic approach to well-being. Its skilled instructors and health practitioners are empowered and supported in a cooperative and nurturing atmosphere designed to provide clients the ultimate in personal and physical development and health. Core strengthening, flexibility, balance, healing therapies and positive lifestyle coaching are the hallmarks of Pilates Core Center and Dragonfly Yoga.

Our approach to holistic fitness focUnited Stateses on building a healthy, injury-free body.
At Pilates Core Center and Dragonfly Yoga, you will:
learn and practice specifically balanced exercises designed for total body wellness.
lengthen and tone your mUnited Statescles.
acquire flexibility, strength, and postural and skeletal alignment.
achieve integrated body conditioning by United Statesing the low impact core developing techniques of Joseph Pilates.
Pilates Core Center and Dragonfly Yoga’s mission is to educate and motivate you along the path to total mind-body wellness in a supportive community with acceptance, care and laughter.




1919 Greentree Road United States


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1919 Greentree Road,United States

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